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About Us

As a foreigner in a foreign land, what would you do in the event you had a death to deal with whilst living in Malaysia? The reality is we aren’t prepared to deal with such evenutalities.

We may have our wills in place, we may have inheritance planning arranged, we may even have life and travel insurance but before all this we need to deal with the process of the journey to the grave.

As such our situation is not unique, as millions of expats have packed their bags, relocated their families and departed to foreign lands to start a new life, we have dedicated our service to offer Expat Support to all foreigners that are living abroad.

Expat Services

We can assist in arranging your Will with one of the recognized industry leading experts by ensuring your Will is a legal agreement and is accepted and executable under Malaysian law.

We understand that the needs of each Expat are different and as such for those who want to be repatriated back to their mother land we will assist in this process. This service will cover the transportation fees and flights of the deceased plus one family.

Our primary service is to ease the journey of the deceased from the moment they are declared dead to the moment they are laid to rest in the grave. This will include dealing with a range of organizations to ensure the burial process is completed as quick as possible.

We aim to develop a range of welfare support services for the Expat community in the years to come and are currently in the process of establishing a Waqf, also known as hubous or mortmain property. 

Expat Support can assist in the process of anticipating and arranging, during a person's life, for the management and disposal of that person's estate during the person's life and after death, while minimizing gift, estate, generation skipping transfer, and income tax.

We can assist in offering legal expertise, advice and support in dealing with matters with various institutions including Banks, Utility companies and various government departments including Immigration and Tax if required.

We can assist in supporting you or your family members in dealing with your embassy / consulate by providing them with relevant Malaysian documentation and arranging any repatriation if required.

We can assist in providing recommendations on a range of Medical, Life, Travel and Health Insurance providers that cater for your needs. For further information email us on info@expatsupport.com

As an Expat moving to a new country has its challenges and as such, we can ease the process for you by providing support in finance and banking services to Expats in order to cater for your needs from a panel of financial service providers.

Dealing with grief is not always easy, although some people are more comfortable talking to friends and family about their loss, some benefit from talking to a professional counsellor. We can provide access to trained counsellors if you require grief, bereavement or mental health counselling services.

We can assist in easing the bereavement process by offering a range of additional services to ensure your family can focus on reflection and uniting. A range of services are available for those who request it including supplying a coffin and managing funeral services.

We offer a range of educational workshops  that allow you to understand and benefit from the process of burial, repatriation, washing of the body and burial rights in Malaysia.



MYR 150
  • Fees Per Annum
  • Child Fee RM 75
  • Joining Fee RM 100
  • Burial Services
  • Repatriation Services
  • Workshop Services


MYR 250
  • Fees Per Annum
  • Child Fee RM 75
  • Joining Fee RM 100
  • All Bronze Benefits
  • Funeral Services
  • Will Services


MYR 350
  • Fees Per Annum
  • Child Fee RM 75
  • Joining Fee RM 100
  • All Silver Benefits
  • Counselling Services
  • Embassy Services


MYR 500
  • Fees Per Annum
  • Child Fee RM 75
  • Joining Fee RM 100
  • All Gold Benefits
  • Financial Advisory
  • Post Bereavement

Sponsor A Grave

For so many in Malaysia such as refugees, foreign workers and the homeless they are unable to cover the rising costs of funerals and the body of the deceased is being left unattended as the families are burdened with excessive costs. Through your contribution we aim to provide dignity to the dead by covering the cost of their funerals & easing their journey to the hereafter, so please give generously…

Why Choose Expat Support

We realise that you have left the comfort of your home to build a new home in a foreign land and so we aim to provide you with the peace of mind in the event you encounter a bereavement within the family by managing it for you.

With an increasing rate of mortality around the world due to wars, pandemics and natural disasters, people are being denied their burial rights. Expat Support will support you to ensure that you final rights are fulfilled.

For many of us moving home to a new country is daunting enough but to understand the procedures of the country when it comes to death and burial is a mine field. Expat Support aims to ensure that as a traveller in a foreign land your journey is as smooth as possible. 

Every one of us wants to protect our families from all harm and unseen circumstances. As such Expat Support offers you and your family the support it needs when it comes to managing a death within the family. Don’t let a lack of planning be a cause of stress for your loved ones. 

Expat Support allows you to not only benefit you and your loved ones with the services it provides but it also helps you support those who have no one to look after their interests. By helping others in their journey to the grave you have the satisfaction of benefiting humanity.

Your membership of Expat Support not only offers you the peace of mind that the process of death will be managed but your contribution will also help build a welfare service that will benefit everyone involved until eternity. 


I was shocked to know that my visa did not allow me or any of my family members to be buried in Malaysia, thank God for Expat Support who helped us plan for the inevitable."
Amanda Lee
As a foreign worker we can barely make ends meet. When one of us dies we chip in to cover the cost to repatriate the body, if we can't then the family incurrs the debt which is a big burden for them."
Omar Farooq